Academic Editing

Blue Pen can edit or proofread your academic writing for consistency and clarity. It can often be difficult to see errors in word choice, spelling and grammar when you have spent months reviewing and rewriting.

Blue Pen Editorial Services provides a professional service for academic writers, including students.


The editing service provided for students includes:

  • editing essays
  • theses/dissertations
  • assignments
  • articles
  • reports.

All services are beneficial for English as a Second Language (ESL) students and native speakers alike. I can bring clarity to your language, remove ambiguous expressions and ensure that your writing meets academic conventions.


The editing service provided for academics includes:

  • scholarly books and book chapters
  • textbooks
  • journal articles
  • abstracts
  • monographs
  • research papers
  • conference papers
  • book reviews
  • peer reviews
  • theses/dissertations.

Copyediting your academic work includes checking:

  • grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • completeness of information
  • consistency of style
  • compliance with your choice of style manual
  • clarity of expression
  • repetitive and ambiguous statements
  • logical flow and organisation of concepts.

Thesis and Dissertations Editing

Theses and dissertations can benefit from copy editing and proofreading. Blue Pen Editorial Services follow the Guidelines for editing research theses from the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd).

The editing service for theses and dissertations includes checking:

  • consistency of style (layout, format and referencing)
  • completeness of the components
  • clarity of expressions
  • grammar and usage
  • spelling and punctuation.

I can ensure that your thesis conforms to the style manual or guidelines provided by your university.

Academic editing can be provided for a fee based on a word count rate, a hourly rate or a fixed quote.

Submit a document for a quote

If you would like to submit a document for a quote for any of these services, please complete the contact form and I will contact you to arrange submission of your document.


I will never share your work with a third party.






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