What do editors do?

Editors work with writers to ensure the correct words are used in an order that creates clear and concise text for the target audience.

Any type of publication – books, newsletters, website content, academic articles, annual reports – can benefit from an editor’s attention to detail and language expertise.

By bringing a fresh pair of eyes to your work, an editor can help you:

  • structure your document in a logical and clear manner
  • clarify your message in an appropriate form for your target audience
  • correct grammar, spelling and punctuation errors
  • remove ambiguity and clarify your meaning
  • ensure consistency in style and text
  • suggest ways to present the information in a more logical and coherent manner
  • remove inconsistencies of style in documents that are a series or a multi-author work
  • indicate possible errors of fact
  • ensure all reference citations are complete.
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